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Tournament Information

USCG Golf Tour 2015


– Each player will receive a welcome package at the registration desk (1,000THB value)
– Top 6 players in The Championship (3 boys and 3 girls) will secure a spot for US College Sport Camp (30,000THB value) and USCG College Visit (150,000THB value) (opportunity to make a visit to universities in the USA ,~March/April 2016*).

Format & Regulations:

  • Unless otherwise announced by the USCG Tour Committee, each qualifying tournament will be 18-hole stroke play tournament
  • Players are responsible for carrying their own bag during the competitive round
  • Caddies/Golf Carts: Except when permitted by the USCG Tour Committee, players are prohibited from using caddies or golf carts without prior medical approval. 
  • The one ball rule is in effect. Also players must use a brand on the current USGA List of Conforming Golf Balls
  • Any driver the player carries must have a clubhead identified by model and loft that is named on the current USGA List of Conforming Driver Heads
  • Top 5 players of each event (boys and girls) are eligible for The Championship Match.
  • Sponsor Exemption: 10 spots

*For point system: If there are ties for a specific place, the point will be split evenly (except for the winner)
**For qualifying tournaments: If there are ties for first and/or second place, they will normally be decided by scorecard count back. However, committee have a right to call for a sudden-death playoff (time permitted)
***For The Championship Tournament: If there are ties for first, second, or third place, they will be decided by sudden-death playoff.
****Players are responsible for carrying their own bag during aggregate playoff and sudden-death playoff


Age Division: 
Boys 13-18 
Girls 13-18

Boys 6,700-7,200 Yards
Girls 5,800-6,500 Yards

Range Finder: 
Permit for devices that measure distance only (the device may not be used to measure other conditions such as wind-speed or the slope of the ground). Distance-measuring devices may be shared by players.

Confirmation of Tournament Entry or Withdrawal:
A confirmation of entry or withdrawal will be sent to the Member at the email address as detailed on his/her Tournament Registration Form. This may be regarded as an official receipt of entry or withdrawal

Entry Fee: 3,000 THB/Tournament

Entry Closing Date:
Entires must be received by the USCG Tour no later than the closing date specified for each event. This will in most circumstances be Sunday, 7 days before the start of the tournament

Late Entries:
In the event of a field for any USCG Tour not being full as at the closing date, late entries will be accepted until a full field is achieved.

All competitors are required to register for each USCG Tour Tournament one hour prior to the tournament start, unless otherwise specified. A competitor may only register in person and must complete the appropriate form located at the registration desk for each respective event, or in extreme curcumstances by contacting the Tournament Director or Tournament Administration Manager.

Prize Presentations:
In respect of USCG Tour Tournament, the leading five players and ties must be present at all prize presentations. The penalty for failure to attend the Tournament presentation shall be a disqualified for that tournament, unless the player is excused by the Tournament Director and presenting evidence of an injury or other disability which requires medical attention, or due to serious personal emergency, such as the funeral or serious illness of a family member or close peronal friend, or other extenuating circumstances

Failure to comply with normally accepted standards of courtesy and golf etiquette. This includes throwing golf clubs, cursing, failure to repair divot marks, pitch marks and, in particular, the failure to ensure that a bunker is correctly raked after usage or to ensure to keep the golf course in a tidy condition by not littering on the golf course
1st time: Warning
2nd time: 2 strokes penalty
3rd time: Disqualify

Schedule of Event: Qualifying Round: 1st Sunday of each month from May to October

Championship Match: In October/November. Golf Course: TBA

Title Sponsor: The Agency Co., Ltd.

Event Partners:

  • La Roche-Posay 
  • Burger King
  • Cobra-Puma Golf
  • Banana Resort
  • Acushnet Titleist (Thailand)
  • Up by Jawbone
  • The Agency College Recruit

Organizing Committee:

-Tournament Director:
Boom Ratanakul +66 83 6391565
– Tournamnet Operation Consultant:
Varan Israbhakdi +66 89 9199148

– Tournament Administration:
Vorapong Seelarak +66 81 3552039



*US College Sport Camp 2015 is free to attend for top 6 players (3 boys and 3 girls). Airfares are excluded for unofficaial visit scholarship.

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